Bruce Clay SEO Training

Posted by Paul Trusik |09 Jul 07 | 0 comments

Bruce Clay SEO Training

Just got back from Simi Valley, CA where I attended Bruce Clay’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training. Even though I started learning basic organic SEO back in 2001, a LOT has changed in the past few years. The focus has always been to design websites following good search engine practices and code markup without the SEO tricks that others try to implement with short-term results. Over time, Google and other top search engines have developed complex algorithms that weed out the faulty content and spam.

There are a ton of new rule sets and conventions to implement which follow current SEO standards so needless to say I’ll be quite busy over the next few months!. Separate from design, my favorite quote in building a “least imperfect” spider-friendly site from Bruce Clay was “not to to build a flying pig website which you push off a cliff and hope will fly but rather re-engineer your website into an eagle that will soar”.

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